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10 Tips to Impress a Girl

Here are 10 great tips that are sure to get any girl interested in you and get you the kind of attention you want.

10 Tips to Impress a Girl

1) Tip No.1 – Number one on this list is to keep yourself busy. This might seem obvious. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting around at home mumbling nonsense and trying to find something to say to her. So learn to speak with confidence. Practice your accent and use compliments in your speech, and you’re sure to impress her with ease.

2) Tip No.2 – Don’t be afraid to try new things. Sometimes it can be quite interesting to try out a new dress or shoes or something. Try taking the time to try out something a little different. This shows her that you are willing to break out of your comfort zone and be a little bold. And this is exactly what you should do to impress a girl.

3) Tip No.3 – Don’t be afraid of talking about relationships. Girls love the chance to talk about love. It is something that is usually avoided as a matter of course. But talking about your past relationships with girls can really show her that you are confident and in control of yourself. She will be impressed by your ability to remember your past relationships and actually move forward with the future. This will impress even the girl you are dating.

4) Tip No.4 – Don’t be afraid of being the man in the relationship. If you think you won’t be able to impress her, then you are dead wrong. You have the power in any relationship to impress a girl. If you want to impress her, be the guy she calls upon the phone every time that she has a date. Or if you are into sports, join a sports team and show your spirit.

5) Tip No.5 – Don’t be afraid of showing off your body if she is a beauty. Many girls are not impressed with your looks. They are more interested in your personality and how you carry yourself. So, don’t be afraid of showing off your body. 10 tips to impress a girl would include picking out a nice shirt to wear to a party. Don’t worry about the size, just pick something that flirts with your body and looks good.

6) Tip No.6 – Don’t be afraid of asking for a favor. If she is a friend of yours, ask her out on a date. Don’t hold back. If you don’t ask her out right away, she may think you don’t trust her and are only after her body. Trust is important when it comes to meeting a girl and getting her to like you.

7) Tip No.7 – Be confident and sure of yourself. If you can stand up for yourself, you will be more appealing to women. Being self-assured can help you in any situation. So, if you feel insecure about yourself, talk to a counselor about it. Also, learn how to get out of those bad situations easily. This will impress even the girl you least expect it from.

8) Tip No.8 – Try to find common interests between you and the girl you like. You should be able to talk to her about something she might be interested in without it being awkward. For example, if you both love to ski, start talking about it. If she loves reading books, start talking to her about what’s in them. Getting to know your girl’s likes and dislikes will make it easier for you to find things to talk about when you do sit down to meet her.

9) Tip No.9 – You should also keep in mind that to impress a girl you have to treat her right. Treating her like she is special is a good way to show respect. She will also appreciate the fact that you care for her because you took the time to do it.

10) Tip No.10 – Last but not least, don’t be afraid of enjoying yourself. When you enjoy yourself, you will also seem more fun to be around. You can also be funny and witty when you are not serious. These are all great tips to impress a girl.

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