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7 Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

These 7 tips to save money on car insurance cover are easy ways to keep down the cost of your policy. It’s easy to lose sight of how much insurance costs as it’s often lumped into a bigger policy with other extras that you might not need. For example, many insurers offer an emergency payment feature that can save you in case of a breakdown or if your car gets stolen. They can also offer you free cover for damage to another person’s vehicle without excess. Look for these benefits and consider whether you really need them. If you don’t, then you can drop them.

7 Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

1) TIP No.1 – Check the small print. The terms and conditions of insurance policies are very complicated. To help you read better you’ll usually find an option to get a quick breakdown cover. Some policies will allow you to stop and give assistance if you break down. Some will let you pay for damages straight away upfront. Read these terms and conditions before you buy, and if you don’t like what you’re reading, change it!

2) TIP No.2 – Bike insurance is another way you can save money. Many insurers now offer a multi-car discount, so if you own more than one car, you can join up. You’ll usually get the same discount for multiple car insurance policies, but the multi-car discount is even better, sometimes offering as much as an extra 10% off single policies. Multi-car policies are especially useful if you use different vehicles for work, family holidays, and visits to the vet. The more flexible the policy the cheaper it will be.

3) TIP No.3 – Combining home and car insurance is yet another way to save money. If you already have home insurance, take out car insurance to protect both your vehicles and your home at the same time. You’ll usually save money if you have both your home and car insured through one company. Some companies will offer a discount if you combine, so speak to your insurer to find out if this is something you can benefit from.

4) TIP No.4 – Car parks are becoming popular places to park nowadays. If you live in an area that’s not near an auto insurance company or has a terrible parking space, you should consider building or buying an off-the-ground car park. Not only will you save money by avoiding paying expensive parking fees, but you’ll also be safer, as well. Some off-grounds are also protected by security cameras and alarm systems. If you haven’t found a public off-ground car park, look online for some great car parking deals.

5) TIP No.5 – If you’re aged 25 or less, there’s another way you can save money. It’s called ‘age in place’ insurance. In the UK, this type of insurance works exactly like insuring an older vehicle. You can still find good deals on insurance, even for those who aren’t technically yet old enough to drive! In most areas of the UK, this type of insurance works as legal minimums and is required before you’ll be able to register your vehicle.

6) TIP No.6 – It’s easy to understand how much money auto insurance costs when you’re young and driving a brand new car. However, it becomes more apparent the older you get, the more your insurance costs. It doesn’t make any sense. The longer you’re on the road, the more chance you have of having an accident and causing damage to property, or someone else’s.

7) TIP No.7 – Once you’ve decided on which companies to deal with, stick with them. Use the same insurance company for everything you do. That way, if you ever need to make a claim, you know that you’re going to be covered. It might seem like extra work, but you’re actually saving yourself money in the long run.

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