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9 Tips on Public Speaking – Basic Tips You Need to Know

9 Tips on public speaking can help you from becoming embarrassed and off-key in front of a large audience. Improper breathing or a raised voice is a common mistake that new and seasoned public speakers make. Trying to hold your breath can cause your voice to break as you struggle to say the words. The sounds of your own breathing can be quite alarming to some people. It’s difficult to determine when and why this habit is developed, but once learned, correcting it is quite simple.

Another problem with public speaking is the tendency to over-emphasize certain words or aspects of a speech. This makes the speaker sound too technical or dense. It can also make him or she seem aloof and distant from the audience. Taking the time to really listen to what the audience is saying will make you more interested and engaged. This can help you avoid being bored out of your topic.

If you’re nervous about speaking in public, there are plenty of self-help guides available. But there’s no point in trying to cure a problem that has no solution. So the best thing to do would be to take preventive measures. You can do these by avoiding the bad habits listed above. And here are some tips to improve your speaking skills:

9 Tips on Public Speaking

1) Practice makes perfect – This is one of the most important of all the public speaking tips. You need to spend enough time practicing before going up on stage. The more familiar you get with speaking in public, the better you will feel when it’s your turn to speak in public. Being prepared helps you relax and be more confident.

2) Listen to other people’s speeches – Reading the contents of other people’s speeches can help you become more receptive to what they are saying. Learning how to read other people’s speeches can give you insight into how to prepare for your own speech. You may also learn something from other people’s mistakes. You can avoid these by paying attention when you listen.

3) Practice your speech several times – It’s always best to rehearse before going up on stage. But make sure that your performance is flawless. You do not want to be stuck in a speech just because you didn’t pay enough attention to the things that you should have noticed.

4) Practice in front of a friend sometimes – Having good communication with someone else can help you improve your public speaking skills. Try to converse with your friend, and you may get rid of your fear of speaking in front of an audience.

5) Practice with an audience – There are also tips available online that can help you prepare for speaking in a large or a small group. Or you may read motivational books or attend seminars that deal with public speaking. These things will prepare you for any number of situations where you will be called upon to deliver a speech.

6) Practice your smile – You probably know that a person who smiles often comes off as more approachable and interesting. So, if you would like to have an edge over your competitors, learn to bring a contagious smile to your face. Of course, you should practice your gestures as well.

7) Practice your closing – A good tip on public speaking would say that it’s not the beginning but the end of the speech that counts. You must have a conclusion that will summarize what you’ve said during your speech. This conclusion should be powerful and convincing. Do this by creating a logical outline of your points. Then, rehearse your closing before you stand up in front of the public.

8) Practice your confidence – This is perhaps the most important tip on speaking in public. Having a confident speech will make you feel at ease even when you’re up against a lot of people. It will also increase the chances of your speech being listened to and understood. If you don’t believe that you can do the talk yourself, then you might want to ask for a professional’s help.

9) Practice saying thank you – When you do your speech, say thanks to all the people who helped you out. This includes your parents, colleagues, friends, officemates, and everybody else who gave you great encouragement throughout the preparation process. This is also the time to express your gratitude to the host for the event. Thank them for their time, effort, and money – even if they didn’t get you a place or a table.

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